A Shauran teaching says that “The soul of the beings is their smell.”

Shauran Niche Perfume enhances the characters of people by touching their souls and the bodies by a third-generation collector family which inspires from the soul and the relics of the past with 70 years of experience

When the inherited writings and books are translated by our day`s philologists, A civilization before the known history of man named Shauran came up. Shauran assumingly inhabited around Mesopotamia and was very advanced in science, culture, and art.

The main aspect why this civilization was so advanced was that they had a sense of oneness between them, and it is discovered that it was scents that was providing this oneness. They used scents to reach out to their god and for this reason smells were considered sacred for them.

For the first collection of Shauran, more than 300 niche fragrances were created using the mentioned scents in the translated writings by famous perfumers from different parts of the world which then gave soul to 10 different characters with unique and natural raw materials.

An exclusive collection of unique and poetic perfumes that sensualize the reflection of eastern cultures on western art and touch the soul, finished its R&D and production process in Paris and found its place in today`s world. 

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